About Me

Hello! My name is Melissa. A food enthusiast. Certified Fitness Trainer. Meditation wannabe. I love being a traveler. Vegan fanatic. Lover of things health and fitness.

I am the blogger behind Moet Moments, a wellness and health blog. My objective is to aid you in finding your very own health goals through a balanced approach to wellness and health. I feel that everybody’s”wellness target” is exceptional, so that I encourage visitors to select their own path utilizing the articles on this site for a guide. My wellness philosophy is that modest, consistent changes make the best and long-lasting advancements. Together, we will create all of your health and happiness fantasies come true!

I began Moet Moments in April 2018 following over two months of fighting with pain and sickness. Losing my wellbeing and energy for a time period made me understand how important it’s to adopt a wholesome lifestyle. My other love is helping people find optimal wellbeing through a combination of healthy exercise, food, overall wellbeing, and much more!

Before I turned into a group exercise instructor, my occupations from the research field mainly involved analysis and research. It had been my job to guarantee the study at the firm I was working for has been obtaining the right facts. As a blogger, I believe exactly the identical duty of providing my readers with useful and appropriate info. Let us face it. This is the world wide web. There are WAY too many sites out there which offer false, bad, or just plain worthless details.

Along with writing from own experience and hands-on expertise, I make every attempt to make sure that my articles are well-researched (where relevant and to the best of my skill), but nevertheless written in plain English. When the study was completed to get a post, you will notice a list of those resources I consulted in the base of the webpage. I would like to supply you with the best health advice I possibly could, presented at a fun-to-read and one-way manner. I feel this sets myself apart from a number of other fitness and health sites.

That I really like trying new things and feel that the very best instructor is hands-on expertise! I enjoy sharing those experiences with you and expect it will motivate you to try new things too. The health and physical fitness world is continually evolving and it is always intriguing, with new items to try! Just about any article on this site is based on my hands-on expertise. This site isn’t created by sitting behind a desk– it is a culmination of my real life encounter. I make a commitment to attempt new things and discuss them as frequently as I can! By my very first encounter with Reiki for my first time looking for a brand new physical fitness course, you are going to hear about it firsthand on Moet Moments.

I begin (nearly ) daily using a smoothie. I totally love them since they’re easy to digest, have a lot of nourishment, maintain my sugar cravings at bay, and then give me a boost of energy. Oh, and they are SO DAMN tasty! I enjoy getting creative with my smoothies, so a constant flow of fresh smoothie recipes onto the site frequently. I guarantee, whenever I find a fresh smoothie I adore, I will discuss it with you personally.