Eye Creams – Are They Worth It?

What do you think about eye cream? Firm enthusiast or hater? Based on who you ask, they are either a crucial skincare element, or the very first part to drop in exchange for a slick of your standard face moisturizer. There are so many to choose from. There are creams for over 50s, under 40s, for oily skin and my friend often gets an eye cream for African American skin. This list goes on… And, with contemporary skincare regimes changing to make way for face mists, masks and high-tech devices, do we actually have to be making space for another targeted eye therapy?

There are often two dueling sides in regards to eye creams: both the believers as well as the, well, nonbelievers. Some men and women swear by the cosmetics, dutifully applying expensive creams around their eyes twice each day with hopes of relieving their fine wrinkles, dark circles, and bags.

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I am game to try most things once, but I am fast to call bullshit about products which look to be an obvious marketing tactic. And while I got into eye creams for a couple of years, I had not noticed any change in my under eyes quite the opposite, really.

They appeared to look worse once I implemented some of them (often expensive) formulations by means of puffiness. I understood that with myself that eye creams are not a requirement and I could only continue my customary cosmetics, moisturizer, and oils in my under-eye area and I would be much better off.

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Another one of my issues with eye creams is that there is no immediate gratification. I don’t observe a noticeable difference in the tightness or brightness of my under-eye zone, though I have seen a lot of articles asserting such short-term outcomes were realistic. In cases like this, I was correct.

In the instance of long-term, preventative maintenance, eye creams are more powerful and results-driven than simply using your regular moisturizer or eye serums. While I had never found an eye cream that clearly brightened my under eye area, the response, obviously, lies in an appropriate formulation. Another reason why my eye creams might not have functioned for me personally is I was not exfoliating.

After exfoliations combined with a good eye cream, I started to see a noticeable difference in my under eye area. I acknowledge I was wrong. Eye creams are, in reality, a very important step on your regular, provided that you exfoliate and utilize a mild formula.