Organic Beauty Cosmetics – Are They Any Better?

So I’ve been trying out a few beauty cosmetics recently. I’ve especially been interested in the natural and organic types of cosmetics.

Though a number of brands include organic ingredients and therefore are categorized “organic” others utilize high quality, natural ingredients which are not organic.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural means those ingredients that come directly from minerals or plants. There are many benefits to natural beauty cosmetics. They ought to have had very little or no processing. But, those deciding to use natural products will need to be cautious as a cosmetic firm with just a single natural ingredient within a product can sometimes still brand it as natural.

Non-synthetic may also refer to natural because it’s a chemical extracted from a mineral, animal or plant product (for example, honey or beeswax) that doesn’t undergo a synthetic procedure. Natural may also be “food grade,” in the components used so they can also be common foods.

Organic Cosmetics

This refers to components that come from non-genetically modified crops, developed in an environmental manner, together with respect to the environment without using pesticides, fertilizers or some other poisonous synthetic chemical. The ingredient will have been extracted and processed in a natural way. Much like organic goods, there are many benefits of organic cosmetics and the expression “organic” may also be given to a product even though it might only contain only 1 percent organic ingredients.

A product can’t be certified organic in its entire shape but the components inside it could be. But many companies just stock and tag products “organic” when the vast majority of its components are certified organic. If the product or brand is certified organic we’ll set the certification together with it.

Synthetic Cosmetics

This refers to the components on your typical, mainstream products that are created from chemical compounds or from ingredients which, even though originating from plant, mineral or animal resources, have been changed or modified. Many manufacturers clearly label their products which contain artificial ingredients.

So watch out! It’s a minefield when it comes to cosmetics!